Holiday for 10 thousand rubles. Per 1 sq. Km. M

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The Russian government is keen to non-market methods to make housing affordable. However, as the global experience, it rarely leads to positive results. As previously mentioned, “Real Estate Market Indicators,” to correct the situation with the availability of housing can only be due to a sharp increase in construction volume. At this stage, the Russian production capacity, according to many independent rating agencies, are working at maximum capacity. To remedy this situation it is necessary to build a new house-building combines, to increase the production of wooden and metal building materials, cement. Even if you begin construction of the necessary plants and factories immediately, until such time when they start work and glut the Russian market with its products will be at least 2 years. However, the Russian government from next year intends to distribute to non-market prices for houses in the region. As already mentioned analytical center in the article “Russians are waiting for a new place,” to solve the housing problem, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has decided to establish a special Fund for Housing Reform. This fund will be transferred to inefficient use of land currently owned by ministries and departments. These lands are the fund will then pass on the region to build their houses to the public. Originally stated that the cottages will be built on an area of 70 square meters. Meters to 120 square meters. M, and sold to the population of 22-25 thousand rubles. Per 1 sq. Km. M. Analysis Center in the article “Russians are waiting for a new place,” such methods inevitably lead to the creation of new queue. The government apparently decided that the cost of 1 sq. M. Meters of housing must meet the average level of monthly salary, then housing will be affordable. At this point, according to Rosstat, average monthly wage in Russia is about 14 thousand rubles. In accordance with the level of Deputy Minister of Regional Development Sergey Kruglik announced the price of houses, which will distribute the program, Dmitry Medvedev. If you originally intended to sell them all at 22-25 thousand rubles. Per 1 sq. Km. M, then now is the price for the Moscow region. In other provinces of Russia cottages can be acquired at a price of 10-15 rubles. Per 1 sq. Km. M said on Tuesday, July 8, 2008, Sergey Kruglik RIA “Novosti”. Indeed, by the logic of absolute affordability of housing, if Moscow and Moscow region the average monthly salary ranges from 22 to 25 thousand rubles., then sell that price should cottages in Moscow. However, even without going into the assessment of the situation by region, if we start to sell houses in the Moscow region of 22-25 thousand rubles. Per 1 sq. Km. M, there will be a queue. Since the “throw” on the open market at such prices shelter in the Moscow region is simply impossible. This will inevitably lead to spekulyatsiyam.V end, and in Moscow at the cheapest forms of all cottages. As a result, instead of increasing the transparency of the market mechanism, the Russian government has once resorted to measures that will lead to an increase in corruption, which, according to “Indicators of the real estate market,” could raise prices.

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